Information Systems Management

Case Studies

Below is a list of Case Studies that were completed in my Information Systems Management class. Case studies involved reviewing, analyzing, and giving solutions to applicable parties in each fictional and non-fictional case.

Webvan Case Study

Webvan, an online grocery service, was introduced to the consumer market in 1998. However, Webvan was entering an already saturated market of other online grocery delivery services. On top of this, a $1 billion contract was signed with a construction company to begin building over 20 distribution centers. With increased operating costs and a decreasing customer satisfaction rating due to perceived value, Webvan began seeing financial trouble.

IRS Case Study

The IRS, Internal Revenue Service, case study involves a dilemma where a new information system has been implemented to increase productivity. While the new system may seem nice to upper management, front line employees begin to get frustrated with the new system and begin to resign.

Waco Case Study

The Waco case study involves a dilemma where a personnel tracking system was implemented to track employees to increase their efficiency. Increased efficiency involved routing phone calls to the nearest phone and more. However, when a manger lies to upper management regarding his employees below him, upper management uses the system to catch him in the lie. Now, what does upper management do?

I.T. Strategic Assessment

The I.T. Strategic Assessment is my cumulative undergraduate experience project. This project was completed on a small business local to Louisville, Kentucky. The assessment included an overview of their current information technology, problems they are currently having with information technology, and where they want to be in 1-5 years. The report also included a physical count of all hardware and software as well as a strategic analysis of the business and where it is bench-marked compared to other similar businesses.

This report is available upon request, please visit my Contact Me page to make a request.