Network Security


Using CrypTool, I analyzed cryptography features, such as simple histograms and frequency diagrams. I also used keys to create cryptographic messages and examined the different types of ciphers. Below is a lab that was completed in class.

Data Packet Analysis

Using Wireshark, Network Miner, and Cisco Packet Tracer, I analyzed packets that were captured across network traffic, in addition to creating a simplified network and tracking data across a network. Below are labs and assignments that have been completed in class.

Using Kali Linux, we also analyzed packets from the Kali virtual machine and the host, my computer. In this assignment, we completed a Ping Sweep, Port Scan, SYN Flooding, in addition to more packet analysis.

Wireless Access Analysis

Using Aircrack-ng, a software that is used to assess WiFi network security, I completed an in-class lab that analyzed packets, analyzed WEP key sizes, and decrypted network keys.