Software Development – C#

In my software development class that focused on the use of the C# language. Below you can see programs and labs that included the use of GUIs, graphical user interfaces, and back end C# code.

Program 1 – GUI:

Program 1 was an assignment that included the creation of a graphical user interface that accepts users inputs regarding the size of a room. It also includes the number of doors and windows. After submission of all information requested, the program then informs you how many gallons of paint you will need to cover the walls appropriately.

Program 2 – GUI and Arrays:

Program 2 was an assignment that included the creation of a simple graphical user interface that would accept users inputs for their standing and last name. The program, via use of strings and arrays, would then provide an output, listing their applicable course registration time for their spring registration.

Program 3 – GUI:

Program 3 consisted of a GUI that would inform users of the amount to tip, based off of an input of the amount of their meal. The tip calculator used the three most used percentages to tip (15%, 18%, and 20%).

Program 4 – GUI, Array, and Error Handling:

This program takes an input from the user based off the number of words per minute they can time. The program then tells the user what their grade is based on their input of their number. If anything else is entered, the program will alert you via a MessageBox. Otherwise, it will find the appropriate grade by sorting through the array.