Work Portfolio

While even at my current job as the Public Safety Manager for Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane Bay, I have applied principals and skills taught throughout my CIS courses to my job. Below are descriptions and examples of projects and tasks I have completed. Some of these tasks are independent of my internship that I completed with Kentucky Kingdom, which can also be seen below.

Rotation Sheet Generator

When I took over the Public Safety Department in 2017, seasonal supervisors in my department were currently making rotation sheets by hand. These sheets were created and handed out to each employee, informing them of where they would go each rotation. While some seasonal supervisors would utilize excel, it was still a labor intensive process as they would copy, paste, and type a lot more than needed. This equated to more time in the office than in the field. I subsequently created a rotation sheet generator that allowed the seasonal supervisors to input the staff for that shift. The created excel file, utilizing the OFFSET function, would then rotate them automatically, allowing the supervisor to then copy and paste and make any minor changes needed. This saved time and effort in the creation of the rotation sheet each shift.

Field Incident Report Database Maintenance

After Kentucky Kingdom implemented its web-hosted Field Incident Report system in 2016, thousands upon thousands of entries have been created in the system. While the system was beneficial and an update to just paper and pen during its inception, it has since become slow to use as it loads over 6,000 entries upon page-load. In conjunction with our IT team, I decided to migrate the data over to the park’s Microsoft SQL Server, which allows me to create custom employee web-facing pages using HTML and PHP. This allows tasks to be separate based on the three function of Field Incident Reports: Adding Reports (Inserting), Viewing Reports (SQL Select), and Reporting (Exporting to Excel for Daily Reports). With the new system, inserting reports will no longer require the system to load every entry, and viewing reports will only select the data once requested, not by the current system of pulling all data and then filtering.

The project was completed in May of 2020. End users utilizing the system have been able to be more productive when entering in reports, allowing for less labor to be spent on this task.

IT Internship

From October 2018 to February 2019 I interned within the Information Technology Department at Kentucky Kingdom. While participating in the internship, I assisted in winterizing and testing the park’s point of sales systems, setting up and installing computers and tablets, troubleshooting network connectivity problems, updating the park’s network map, and designing custom software with HTML, CSS, PHP, and SQL. I also wrote custom queries for other departments in the park and assisted in the maintenance of the park’s database.